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...From the grave...

Greetings from the grave! It's me! Akira!
Well... I'm pretty sure almost all of you forgot about me, or even unfollowed me because of my lack of updates here, and I don't blame you.

But don't think that I'm back at all, I am here just to update some information and move some things.
I won't promise that I will come back but hopefully I'll post updates about my projects, specially my webcomics as I promised, somewhere, sometime...

You can visit my main and only collective that stores all my web ptojects, including: My personal blog, my projects blog and more silly stuff I've been working on.

[ Wings For Marie ]

Also there you can find a list of my current social network accounts.

Thank you for your friendship and support.
If you need to contact me, please use the mail form.

PS: yay for copy/pastah (?) :|

See ya!

Mostly because I hate ads, I decided that I am going to "close" this account.

No, I am not deleting it. I said "close", referring to that I won't post here often (like if I did anyway), probably not much anymore, unless I really need to.
I am tired of ads.
It seems that we can't have anything ad free these days. *looks to ads in the right side of the window* D:
Advertisements are everywhere!!!! In the TV, in the Internet, in Radio, In newspapers, in the food! AAAHHHHHH @____@

Anyway, I won't leave at all, since I'll come back sometimes to check for news on friends :)

As for network updates, specially regarding to new drawings and projects, I moved them to my BlogSpot account. Any possible rant will be posted in there as well. Probably I'll be coming back to post some resume of various updates.

Thank you for your friendship and keeping in touch with this ugly chocobo-person known as Akira Rodhernan.
Take care and I'll be seeing you around :D


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